therapy group meets at college student alcohol rehab centerCollege is a time for learning new things and preparing to enter the real world. Unfortunately, for too many, it’s also a time for drinking. College-age students show statistically high rates of binge drinking, which can morph into deeper difficulties. If that sounds like a situation you relate to, it may be time to visit a college student alcohol rehab center. These centers are equipped to deal with alcohol-use problems and provide total support for recovery. Teen and young adult rehab centers treat individuals for substance abuse problems and help them find their way back to a life of stability and sobriety. If you or a college student you love is showing the signs of a drinking problem, seek help from a college student alcohol rehab program. Drinking has a disruptive influence. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait to seek the help you deserve.

College Students and Alcohol

Alcohol is part of the fabric of American life, and it is widespread on college campuses. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, eight out of every 10 college students drink alcohol, and half say they have participated in binge drinking in the past two weeks. The consequences can be severe. NIAAA estimates that about 2,000 students die each year in alcohol-related incidents. Another 600,000 students report alcohol-related injuries and 700,000 report alcohol-related assaults. Alcohol has been a problem on college campuses for as long as anyone can remember. The NIAAA recommends that colleges work to reduce the influence by:
  • Distributing facts about the dangers of drinking through programs
  • Working with law enforcement to enforce underage drinking laws
  • Adjusting schedules in order to include more Friday classes and reduce long weekends
  • Notifying parents of alcohol-related issues
  • Expanding the amount of alcohol-free programming
Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, students find themselves with drinking problems. If that happens, consider the support of a college student alcohol rehab center, or another program that offers alcohol rehab for young adults.

Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

If you are worried about yourself or a college student in your life, then you may be wondering about the signs of problem drinking. College students are not likely to volunteer the information. Some symptoms to watch for include:
  • Red, bloodshot eyes all the time
  • Difficulties with grades or relationships
  • Abandoning activities that once brought pleasure
  • Ordering life around drinking
  • Participating in risky behaviors such as driving while drunk
  • Suffering blackouts
  • Developing an extreme tolerance
  • Mood changes
One of these alone might not suggest a problem. But as patterns develop, it may be time to consider visiting a college student alcohol rehab center.

Call a College Student Alcohol Rehab Center Today

Alcohol rehab centers for college students offer treatment geared toward the needs of young people. Treatment plans are built around the student’s situation. It may require a period of detox, which will be medically supervised, in order to help get past withdrawal symptoms. After detox, a college student alcohol rehab center will typically begin counseling, on both an individual and group basis. The purpose of therapy is to identify the patterns that brought the student to this point and help him or her develop good coping skills. Aftercare programs, such as peer-to-peer 12-step groups, guard against relapse.

Addressing the Complications

In the area of mental health, trouble sometimes runs in pairs. People with substance abuse challenges are susceptible to problems with mental health as well. Suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues simultaneously is considered a “dual-diagnosis” or “co-occurring” disorder. Treatment for a dual-diagnosis condition is usually handled in an integrated way, where the two issues are addressed simultaneously. If this describes your situation, you may also want to consult young adult mental health treatment programs in your community, to go along with the assistance of the college student alcohol rehab center. Call today to learn more.